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Milk Vending Machines Ireland – Farm Shop Income

Milk Vending machines have become very popular across Europe and the UK as a way for farmers to
diversify their income away from the traditional, and less profitable routes of the past.

Nesty is owned by Tomás Young an organic beef farmer operating from New Ross, Co. Wexford who
researched how European farmers were generating an extra income for themselves by having
automated farm shops selling their own, and their neighbours produce, expanding by adding more
machines as their sales and business grew.

Nationwide Service & Maintenance

Before investing into any equipment, we understand that owners want to make sure they have a
partner they can rely on to give them fast back-up and help if any issues occur.

As Tomás also owns which is a commercial electrical and facilities management
company, we can utilise the capabilities of their 40+ technicians who are on the road daily, right
across the country.

This means if we get a call to our support desk about a problem that cannot be resolved over the
phone or by our logging in remotely to your Báinne Bot, we can arrange for an experienced
technician to call into your farm the very next day anywhere on the island of Ireland, giving total
peace of mind to farmers.

The Milk Vending Machines
Báinne Bot is a user-friendly milk vending machine with 200 or 400 litre capacity which sells fresh
milk 24/7 directly to the public.


200 litre BáinneBot

Milkbot 46 (2).jpg

400 litre BáinneBot

200 litre Milk Vending Machine
Comes with:
2 x 216 litre tanks
With or without coin & note acceptors
Nayax Card / Phone Payment System
Receipt Printer
Internal Syrup Dispenser Option – 2 Syrups
7” Touch Screen
Transfers Credit to Bottle Vending Machine

400 Litre Milk Vending Machine
DD = Double Dispenser = Two Independent Machines
DD MS = DD Model + Internal 4 Syrup Milkshake Option
Comes with:
2 x 216 litre tanks
With or without coin & note acceptors
Nayax Card / Phone Payment System
Receipt Printer
7” Touch Screen
Transfers Credit to Bottle Vending Machine

Manufactured in Europe and with machines in operation from Canada to New Zealand for over 10 years,

Milkbot Milk Vending Machines have arrived in Ireland and after great thought, are now known as Báinne Bot!


Nesty is proud to be the exclusive distributor in Ireland of Báinne Bot, a machine that can truly be a “Cash Cow” for owners.

We can install, service and maintain your Báinne Bot for its 15+ year lifetime, anywhere on the island of Ireland.

Reliable to use and operate every day, it can be customized as per your individual requirements.
Remotely check your Báinne Bot anywhere & anytime via your phone or laptop to monitor sales and stock levels.

We will set it up to send you low stock level alerts at 25 and 50 litres, (or other levels as you wish) so you don’t miss out any sales.


In-line / HTST or Batch pasteurisers and other dairy equipment can also be supplied – Call or Email to discuss your requirements.


Our team of 45+ mobile workers can even build your Milk Hut!

We understand that good After Sales service is hugely important when you make an investment into purchasing equipment and setting up a new business.

Our support team can be contacted to answer questions over the phone and talk you through any issues.


Owners will receive a personal login to a library of video tutorials with step-by-step “how to…” instructions.


Our Technical Manager can access your Báinne Bot software remotely to help you resolve any difficult to solve problems.
If this does not work, we will have a technician on-site with you the next day.


Our high level of customer service is part of our long-term commitment to you and the success of your business.


Nesty – Your One-Stop Milk Vending Shop

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